Pilot Project “Nazionale Italiana Crazy for Football” faces COVID-19 outbreak

Pilot Project “Nazionale Italiana Crazy for Football” faces COVID-19 outbreak

1 April 2020 News 0

In the framework of SPHERE Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, some pilot projects were promoted in different countries. In Italy, among others, there is Nazionale Italiana “Crazy for Football”, the 5-a-side football team composed by people with mental health problems.

In these difficult days that are affecting not only Italy, but the entire world, SPHERE team has been working hard in order to carry on boys’ sport activities, even at home. SPHERE, in cooperation with the European Culture and Sport Organization and Circolo il Faro, has prepared guidelines for trainings at home, in order to help the team to be healthy even in these days. These guidelines were written by Nicolò Innocenti, Luca Tegliucci and Giorgio Figà Talamanca.

In addition to this, due to isolation and anxiety for the future, the current moment can affect not only physical, but mental health too. That’s why ECOS, in cooperation with Cultura Italiae, Resilientia Italiae and NeXT Servizi e Salute has established an online platform for psychological support. The service is called ECOS Mind (www.ecos-europe.com/ecosmind) and, even if it was initially launched for supporting Nazionale Italiana “Crazy for Football” players, the platform is now open to everyone who needs help.

Through ECOS Mind, people can arrange a free online appointment with a psychologist or a psychiatrist from ECOS network, that will support them in facing this challenging period.



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