Best Practices Review and Map

In the framework of the Project SPHERE, ECOS Europe and their partners aim at producing a set of physical activity guidelines for mental health rehabilitation, to adjust the most suitable sport and physical activity for psychiatric patients with different diagnoses and backgrounds.

To improve the psychophysical well-being of the patients involved in the project, the consortium created a Survey, aimed at finding examples of best practices in Europe on the use of sports and physical activity in psychiatric rehabilitation programs, while learning about the practical implementation details from all surveyed institutions in their own contexts.

Best practices were considered as those which best match beneficial practices according to scientific literature (please see the Best Practices Review for a full methodological description). Those institutions with best practices who agreed to be hosted are included in the digital map  below:

Best Practice

Other Practice

Read the full review. This document is the first of a number of planned products from our Erasmus+ Project.

List of Best practices