Sport Healing Rehabilitation


The projects aims to define and validate a sport scientific protocol improved by psychiatrists, academic researchers and sport professionals. The protocol will allow to identify the most suitable sport for psychiatric patients with different diagnoses and backgrounds in order to improve their psychophysical well-being.


Sport for mental health

Fostering sport and physical activity in the psychiatric rehabilitation programs

Cooperation of partners

Collaboration between sports, mental health and education sectors

Sharing knowledge

Investigating best practices and entities in the European Union regarding sport and mental health

Quality of life

Supporting people with mental health problems and protecting their rights

Answer the Questions

Our Network

SPHERE is a collaborative partnership co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, composed by clubs and entities coming from all part of Europe. The Project is led by ECOS Europe.


European Culture and Sport Organization

ECOS Europe is a network of experts established to foster social, economic and sustainable development through Sport and CultureECOS Europe is a network of experts established to foster social, economic and sustainable development through Sport and Culture

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The Background

The basis for SPHERE

The Description

What is SPHERE

Meetings and Events


The Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is directing, monitoring, evaluating and validating all project activities for the progressive integration of sports and physical activity in the psychiatric rehabilitation paths.

Santo Rullo

Psychiatrist, ECOS member  and head of the committee (Italy)

Diane Crone

Professor of Exercise and Health at the Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)

Jürgen Beckmann

Professor and Chair of Sport Psychology at the TU of Munich (Germany)

Fernando Cross-Villasana

Researcher in Sport and Health Sciences at the TU of Munich (Germany)

Stefania Cerino

Psychiatrist experienced in the psychiatric rehabilitation through sport (Italy)

Paul Sellars

Researcher in Sport Psychology at the Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)

Francesca Cirulli

Senior researcher at Istituto Superiore di Sanità







Latest News

Training in Rome for Nazionale Italiana “Crazy for Football”

The Italian National Team will gather next 28th July at “Hotel dello Sport” (CONI – Rome) for a four-day retreat, aimed at the athletic training of the team and at monitoring psychophysical conditions of the players involved.

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20 July 2019 0

SPHERE Project in Brussels for “Co-Innovate in Sport 2019”

Next 4th-5th July, ECOS will be in Brussels, attending the annual EPSI Conference. Santo Rullo will host a presentation about sport and mental health, referring in particular to our Project.

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1 July 2019 0

SPHERE Symposium at Convegno Nazionale SIP (Società Italiana Psichiatria)

In Florence, next 22nd June at 10.00 a.m., the ECOS Scientific Committe will host a session about sport in psychiatric treatments.

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20 June 2019 0