The Logo


SPHERE Logo was created by the designer Ljubica Jovic, from Belgrade.

The logo takes inspiration from the letter Psi (Ψ) from the Greek alphabet. Letter Psi is indeed the symbol of psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy, in fond relationship with our Project. At the same time, the figure represents an active person holding a ball, symbolizing sport and health and, so, embodying the spirit of SPHERE.

The choice of the colours is symbolic too: the main one is soft blue. Blue is the colour of calm and serenity and it results pertinent with SPHERE objectives. The yellow sphere on the top symbolizes joy and sun, completing the design with coherence.


The selection of the logo was made through a competition among designers, that was published on ECOS website and Social Media Channels and shared by the Partners on their web platforms.

Among almost 150 proposals, coming from 25 different countries, received between 5th February and 5th March, our Jury composed by representatives from each Partner Club, vote for the Ljubica Jovic proposal, making it our SPHERE logo.