Thursday 17th January 2019, at 10.30 in the morning, in Sala Giunta (CONI – Foro Italico), the kick-off press conference of SPHERE Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, will take place.

The Project is promoted by a European consortium seeing European Culture and Sport Organization (ECOS) as leader, together with other important international partners who will be in Rome for the event:

  • Finnish Sport Federation Tampere Region – HLU (Finland);
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University – CMU (United Kingdom);
  • Rijeka Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities – SSOI (Croatia);
  • Technical University of Munich – TUM (Germany);
  • European Platform for Sport Innovation – EPSI (Belgium);
  • Everton in the Community – EitC (United Kingdom)

SPHERE aims to define and validate a scientific sport protocol, implemented by psychiatrists, academic researchers and sport professionals, in order to identify the most suitable sport disciplines for psychiatric patients. They are all different and have different needs and thanks to an ad-hoc-built sport path, they can improve their psycho-physical wellbeing.

The projects aims to sensitize institutions and civil societies of all European Union, in order to include and integrate sport and physical activity in psychiatric rehabilitation programmes.

The 17th January event will play a double-role: from one hand, it will be an occasion of dialogue among the international organisation involved in the project; on the other hand, it will be a real presentation of the project activities in front of relevant stakeholders invited to the meeting.