Sport and Mental Health

Numerous scientific studies have shown how physical activity affects in a positive way not only the body, but also the mental health, enhancing the psychological wellbeing. Since late 2017, ECOS has been involved in the organisation and management of the 2nd edition of the Futsal World Championship for People with Mental Health Problems that will be held in Rome from 13th to 16th May 2018 at PalaTiziano Stadium and will involve 10 national teams from all over the world. Moreover, ECOS is the applicant organisation of SPHERE, a project submitted in the frame of Erasmus+ Sport 2018 programme which aims to promote sport and physical activity in psychiatric rehabilitation in EU countries.

Culture and Tourism

Cultural activities stimulate the social context in which they are held by involving locals and tourists, enriching their experiences and boosting a virtuous circle over time. ECOS aims to promote new business models by involving cross-sectoral stakeholders that may act as a link between sports, culture and tourism. Furthermore, these models will boost good practices at local level, affecting positively welfare and tourism as well.

Open Air Sport

Sport and open air are a winning pair which combines fitness and nature, and enhances both physical and spiritual wellbeing. Nature is part of our environment, and promoting outdoor sport activities is a good tool to support this idea. In recent months, ECOS members have increased their attention in this field, creating partnerships with relevant European stakeholders and participating in OPS, a project submitted in the Erasmus+ Sport programme aimed at fostering the local development of inland and peripheral areas of EU countries through outdoor sports.

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