ECOS is an association with cultural and educational purposes that designs, organises and manages national and international projects and initiatives aimed at the socio-economic development of civil society and mainly related to sport, culture and tourism - and to all cross-cutting activities, both direct and indirect, aimed at promoting these sectors.
The association is inspired by principles of good governance, cooperation and internationalisation. Its members are committed to social issues, continuous research and professional training.
ECOS aims to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and the international collaboration through sport and cultural actions able to enhance good practices in the society - and so welfare and social cohesion.
All the organisation's actions are characterised by:

  • Quality: we rely on the best practices and the most skilled professionals to guarantee the highest quality in all our projects.
  • Cooperation: we work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of both our members and non-members, and to help the association grow.
  • Innovation: we connect all the stakeholders involved around innovative ideas.
  • Internationalisation: we develop transnational relationships in order to create a stimulating exchange and a collaborative network.
  • Commitment: we create initiatives aimed at satisfying all our collaborators and at making a positive difference in the society.

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